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New Year, New Studio

Last March, my husband Nick and I took a chance and bought the house he grew up in that had gone into disrepair. The house was still beautiful but needed a ton of work. Our original plan was to fix everything up and sell it to a family who would love it as their forever home, as it had been in my husband's family since it was built in 1933. A few months into the renovation, I started having trouble picturing anyone but my and my family living there and just like that, we were officially moving. It has been quite the process and I have learned so much about nearly every aspect of fixing and updating an older home. Lucky for me, it is not my husband's first rodeo and he is an expert woodworker and can really build or fix just about anything. Another bonus - his family owns and operates a countertop and cabinet factory where we can build almost everything we need for the renovation.

Nick and I both work full-time so most of the time we spend at the new house is in the evenings and on the weekends. With my busiest time of year coming up in November/December, Nick wanted me to be able to do all my projects over at the new house while he was working instead of me being home by myself every night and weekend. So he decided to build me my dream studio. We took the four season room that we were unsure what we were going to do with and transformed it into a workspace that I never want to leave.

Nick took a few of my suggestions and really ran with them to build me a space that is not only beautiful, but super functional too. I have so much storage and space for all of my supplies and still have room to grow. I absolutely love to decorate and organize so it has been so fun to make it my own. have a lot of work to do as I have a lot of odds and ends to still move over and would like to get some more items to help me organize. I love working here and cannot wait to move in so I can spend all the time I want in my new happy place.

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