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Engraving - My New Obsession

After being inspired by some other calligraphers turned engravers that I follow on Instagram, I decided to purchase a little battery operated engraver from Amazon and try it out for myself. I practiced a few times on some wine bottles we had around the house and then decided I wanted to try to engrave bottles for Christmas gifts. I was nervous but I thought hey, even if I screw up the engraving the contents are still good and since I planned on gifting them to my dad and husband I knew they would be happy either way. I am hoping to purchase a new engraver soon as mine is just too basic and kind of awkward to hold. I definitely need a lot more practice and want to get better at adding flourishing and flowers to my designs but for now I am having so much fun engraving anything I can get my hands on. I would love to get good (and fast) enough to do some live engraving events in the future. I am hoping to sharpen my skills and have enough confidence to reach out to department stores as well as wine & liquor stores to offer my engraving services of their products as a fun extra service for their customers. With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, I am praying for life to get back to some version of normal where events and parties will take place again!

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